When I heard about Latino Flavor, I was instantly excited! I am from Southside Oklahoma City, and trust me, I know about some tasty Latin American food! Let me tell you, the food did not disappoint!

Here is a video I took of a couple of my friends enjoying the food!


Also, they had live performances, and even the opportunity to dance on stage with maracas! It was extremely funny, and a bit scary. The music was playing, people were singing, and all of a sudden, someone runs towards you with maracas trying to persuade you to get on stage and dance!

I think it is really important that we continue having cultural events like these at The University of Oklahoma. During my first few days at OU, I felt a little bit of culture shock. I come from a very diverse community, ethnically and socioeconomically, so it was differently different coming here to OU. While speaking to new friends about issues that directly affect my community, I often get wide-eyed glances of shock. Oftentimes, I return a look of confusion, and then realize that they have absolutely no clue what I am talking about. This okay, and understandable. How is someone whose never really exposed to a different culture supposed to know much about it? These are just a few reasons in which I have chosen to inform others of the problems that my community is faced with every single day, and to advocate for all of those who raised me in South Okc.

So,  Latino Flavor was definitely a great time! It was an awesome experience, and one in which I hope many people, from different and similar backgrounds, felt at home and welcomed.

Out of all the things that bring people together, I must say food is a great one!