What better way to start my post, than to show you this? This boy who looked to be about eight years old, danced to his hearts content. He was one of the best I’ve ever seen! Although he didn’t ever speak verbally, he spoke through his dance honoring the mexican culture and audience with his talent.

Did you see this and think I took an impromptu trip to Mexico?Well if you did, you are right! Just kidding, you’re wrong. I’m still here :(BUT, this was a great performance at The Dia De Los Muertos Street Festival right here in Norman, OK.

At the festival there were countless things to take in such as tons of carnival games, authentic mexican and other latin american cuisine, and last but not least the performance of BANDA CARNIVAL. Oh yeah, and there was also a llama!


The sun was in our faces so thats why we didn’t look the happiest. We were honestly having a great time!

It was nice to see so many familiar faces in Norman! Many people from Southside OKC came out and represented! Although they came for the festival, they also had the opportunity to see the university as a reality. They can attain this goal, too. It was really a nice way to get people out to OU to see what it is all about. For me personally, it was about more than just the festival. It was about bringing other cultures to OU and telling them you are wanted.


Anyways, let’s get to the dramatics. Guys, BANDA CARNIVAL was in NORMAN, OK. Let that sink in. BANDA CARNIVAl. THATS. HUGE.

It was great seeing them live. They are great! Overall, the Dia De Los Muertos festival was an awesome event that not only promoted Mexican culture, but also allowed people from other places to see a major university.

Te veo pronto Mexico!